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Welcome to NMMHA
The Official Morel Website for
The National Morel Mushroom Hunters Association

NMMHA has been sharing our hunting experiences with our friends and NMMHA members on our website since 1997.

NMMHA was the first morel mushroom organization and morel mushroom website on the internet. We are fortunate that we have generations of experience to share about the family oriented fun and excitement that goes along with Morel Mushroom Hunting. 

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LeRoy Paden and son Rodney Paden picked several morels on April 7th 2010 in Oklahoma.

LeRoy Paden  is the president of NMMHA,  and a expert morel mushroom hunter. LeRoy has been hunting and "pickin" morels for more than 65 years throughout the US and Canada. LeRoy and his wife Judy LeRoy with his son Rodney Paden after a typical weekend hunt.served fresh and frozen Morel Mushrooms in their restaurant for nearly 30 years.

Paden's Place Restaurant was located in Horton, Kansas in the heart of the Midwest. LeRoy's extensive experience and research in the area of Morel Mushrooms qualifies him as the foremost authority on Morel Mushrooms. As a renowned expert in the field LeRoy has been interviewed by various television, talk radio shows and newspapers throughout the US. Anyone that has ever had the honor of hunting with him is amazed at his skill and ability to always find the first morels of the season and many more than any other "so called" experts could ever hope to find in a single hunt or in an entire season. LeRoy Paden is generally able to harvest upwards of 1000 lbs of morels every season. This is just a few of the many reasons why he is considered to be the foremost authority on morel mushrooms. 

LeRoy Paden shown above after a typical mid season morel hunt.
LeRoy Paden shown above after a typical mid season morel hunt.

NMMHA, The Morel Mushroom, Hunters Association, is the first and foremost source for, information, Morels, Morels, are known by many names, black morels, gray morel, or grey morels, white morels, sponge, sponges, yellows, blacks, grays, morchella, fungi, Morchella Esculenta. Find out more about Morels by visiting our members area.

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